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"After taking up MMA almost 2 years ago Kes has helped me improve by miles in terms of my striking. He's helped me break through boundaries I didn't even know were there and even helped push me towards an amateur fight soon. Highly recommended"

Femi M.

"6months ago, I had enough! I had reached a point where working out was very much the same boring routine, I wasn’t advancing my knowledge on fitness nor did I have the motivation to train anymore. I had also hit a weight loss plateau over the past 5 years that nothing in the book/internet was helping improve!

I approached Kes/Team Kevlar not knowing what to expect; however after just 1 day, I knew I had made the right choice and I have no regrets to this very day! In fact I don’t see myself changing trainers in the near future!

During our first appointment Kes made me understand my own attitude towards training and more importantly my needs based on what we discussed. I wanted to develop both cardiovascular fitness, strength and weight loss that would be the by-product of it all, so we developed a plan.

Following my renewed excitement, motivation and dedication to the excellent PT sessions, I have conditioned my body through explosive movements, worked on core strength to build a foundation of enduring strength. My training also includes an array of stretches and back exercises to make sure my posture and form was correct as my back was stiff from sitting a lot at desks. I must say having someone there watching you 360 degrees for good form is something you can’t do by yourself!!


What I have come to admire of Team Kevlar is that push that goes a very long way. Kes’ work ethic is amazing, he judged my work ethic so well and is now not just a trainer, but a great mentor.

I am humbled by new exercises introduced every so often; I credit him for judging that and keeping me progressing fast. I’ve achieved a huge amount of strength training techniques, core stability and an array of explosive circuits that burnt my lungs and muscles I didn’t know existed.

I’ve started the transition from surviving the sessions to attacking them as this is the intensity I need to keep progressing.

Other benefits I have found personal training with Kes/Team Kevlar especially having been with a few trainers previously is; someone willing you on, always reserving warm-up/warm-down time to help stretch tight muscles, the sort of ‘necessity’ often overlooked in self-training and very much a welcome benefit. Not to mention the endless support and motivation for those periods when you feel like you can’t anymore! Priceless!

Above all, I’ve shot straight out of a plateau, extremely happy with the strength, motivation, increased energy levels and simple love for life I’ve built.

No doubt, I recommend Kes/Team Kevlar to anyone especially if you looking for a dedicated trainer who puts you and your needs above all else."

Levi F, London.




Teaching is a gift that only a chosen few have... and Kez is one of them. I had the fortune of having him as my very first MMA coach! He enlightened me divinely! Love his down to earth approach of training. He not only trains your body but he also trains your mind along with it.
"I am moving back to South London, so will knocking at your door soon, Kez."


Roland K.



Amazing trainer, amazing gym. Every member is given specific one to one coaching which is rare. There is a great atmosphere.


Joseph O'C.





If you seriously want to improve you fighting techniques coming down is a must. I have had many trainers in the past and confidently can say he's the best I've had. So Don't wait around. 

Shinji I.





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