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Glove Deodorizer

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We aim to increase your glove lifespan by avoiding breakdown from moisture with the Team Kevlar Glove Deodorizer. 


With a consistently strong smell, these 100% Natural Deodorizers absorb moisture and odour to keep your gloves hygienically fresh and smelling clean for much longer.


Made from a high quality flannel with premium aromatic absorbent fillings in 2 different scents, these really are worth every penny!

Simply put the Deodorizers into your Gloves or bag after training, and they will get to work.


100% Natural.

Eco Friendly.

Increases Glove Life.

Prevents Germs.

Prevents mould and bacteria growth.

Odour neutraliser.

Absorbs moisture.

Nunchuck design.

Useful for all sports.

Fits in shoes.


Two Scents Available: Lemongrass and Lavender.



Click here to get your Lemongrass Scent delivered to you.

Click here to get your Lavender Scent delivered to you.

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