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About Us




Get ready. We are about to take you on the best journey you will ever make!


We will get to know you and your body, from your injuries, allergies, training and health history, to your training times, to create your unique programme that gets uploaded to your Team Kevlar Fitness app.


We shall be there every step of the way.





These are Fitness Challenge Group Training sessions with up to 12 Clients and 1 coach, still the same experience and goals will be attained at a cheaper individual rate.

The prices are:

£20 for 1 session
£300 for 18 sessions 


All sessions are tailored to the fitness experience level of Clients.




Grab your phone and download the Team Kevlar Fitness app, available for Android, to access your programme.


Training starts now! Follow your programme and connect with your coach 24/7 through the messenger service.


You can also integrate your favourite fitness apps, capture all your moves and track your progress.

App Screens
Boxing Session



Get booking your PT with your coach – we will get you where you need to be! Motivation, focus – our coaches give you more than just a workout.


Your coach will review your results and tweak your programme, so you will only ever make progress.





Get to training alongside a loved one, friend or colleague for a cheaper rate than  one on one Personal Training.


You might find motivation, accountability, team work to be some of the benefits achieved.





Sweat hard, tone up, try something new – whatever your vibe, we have a class for you.


Group classes available exclusively for members.

So, what are you waiting for?!


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