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online FITNESS cLaSSes


30% off block bookings and free home workouts for a month,


£5 per session, £50 per month,

£35 per month (30% off),

1 month FREE home workout (worth £50) when you download the FREE Team Kevlar app.


Due to the situation with the Pandemic around the World, we will be running a series of Online Fitness Classes with which you can participate in, from your very own living room.

Sessions are held at 6:30pm (GMT) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Classes are held on ZOOM, so you will have to download the app.

Click here to book for your sessions.

Or text "KEVLAR" followed by your name to "+447782597367" and you will be added to the group.

Home Beginner.jpg
Beginner Workout, 4 Weeks, £50

It's time to get serious about your health and get support from a team of professionals who's job is to get you to your results!


Every body is different, so we provide many options to get to the same result - your goals.  Decide what type of training you would be excited and motivated to participate in, pick a plan and let's get going!

Our online personal training and nutrition packages are designed for individuals with a busy lifestyle, who have not always got the time to workout with our trainers, all meal plans and workout programs are individually customised. 


Our plans are 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks long and come with coaching support to get you moving, keep you moving, motivate and hold you accountable.

Work directly with a Fitness Industry Professional, it matters not what level of fitness you are, you will have direct access to our best coaches and we will work with you to create a workout program guaranteed to achieve results!



STEP 1. For Android phones, click here to download the free "Team Kevlar" app from the Google Play Store.

For IPhone users, click here to download the free "My PT Hub" app from the Apple Store.



STEP 2. Send your name and email, fill up your online PARQ form here to create your username and password to access your app.


STEP 3. Click here to pick your program of choice.



STEP 4. Enjoy your program (most programs are designed to start at the beginning of the working week).

Home Intermediate.jpg
Intermediate Workout, 4 Weeks, £50


  • All programs come with an incredibly easy to use and intuitive "Team Kevlar" App on the iOS and Android.  


  • This App allows you to interact with your trainer,


  • Access all of your workouts (use them real time at the gym or at home or outside etc,


  • Make any desired changes and record when you are done),  


  • Sync your fit-bit, track your nutrition (by scanning barcodes if you wish) ,


  • Track your measurements and progress photos,


  • Print your grocery list for the week,


  • Check out your 12 week calendar, 


  • You can also use a laptop, tablet, or desktop if you don't want to use the "Team Kevlar" App.

Home Advanced.jpg
Advanced Workout, 4 Weeks, £50
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