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Team Kevlar Fitness Academy 

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About us

Based in Vauxhall, Urban Warriors Academy is Central London’s leading Mixed Martial Arts gym.


We provide a no-fluff, personal, top-quality training environment with world class instructors who cater to any skill or fitness level.


We believe in self development through training and hard work and in doing so, we aim to contribute to a confident, respectful and healthy community.


The physical and mental challenges of Martial Arts training with Urban Warriors Academy will provide you with a strong sense of individual and collective achievement –  a place to belong


Our facilities are first class, with extensive training areas and a professional, functional fitness and strength training gym.


Our Combat Academy

We offer training in a wide variety of Combat Sports and Martial, including, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Thai Boxing

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Boxing (MAKE LINKS)


We offer fitness and strength and conditioning either as as group class or as one-to-one personal training.


We run weekly Abs blast, circuits,  HiiT, combat conditioning , Legs bums & tums and muscle tone classes (ADD LINKS)

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