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Formal Boxing


Do Something Amazing.


Raise Money For Charity.

8 Weeks FREE Training.

Get In Fighting Shape.

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life.

In this time of woe and stress, there is no better way to improve your health, get fighting fit, raise money for the other "C", change your mindset and body to make a difference in the World today.


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Our Team Kevlar White-Collar MMA has been adapted from the concept of our Interclub Boxing and Kickboxing, and we offer the opportunity to experience Mixed Martial Arts competition to beginners and people of all levels of experience.

This is an experience for city professionals and people with no athletic experience to compete in a fair, controlled and safe environment.

Training begins 8 weeks prior to our events, where our "soon to be" fighters will be put through training regimes by professional coaches.


The training begins the week commencing on the 12th of July, 2021.

The training sessions will be 2 days a week, and at least 75% of attendance will be required in order to take part in the shows.


During training, basic MMA techniques are taught, which will include skills adapted from Boxing, Thai Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Submission Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

On fight night, all challengers must pass a medical from the team of paramedics covering the event to limit health risks.


The participation venue on the 9th of September will be at;


London Irish Centre

50-52 Camden Square



With 8 weeks training and a passed medical, they will then be ready to step into the cage in front of friends and family where standing opposite will be a White Collar fighter of a similar weight and skill set.

All bouts are 3 x 1.5 minute rounds but can come to an end via knockout, submission or referee stoppage (TKO) in any of the rounds.

The referee ensures that both fighters stay safe during the bout and that all of the rules are followed.

If a bout is contested over 3 x 1.5 minute rounds without a stoppage the referee will render a decision.

Experience it in a safe, fair, controlled and enjoyable environment with 8 weeks of FREE training, that will lead up to your big night fighting in a cage in front of a huge crowd at one of our glamorous events. Raise Money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Get in great shape!

At Team Kevlar Fitness, we support Macmillan Cancer Support with our White-Collar MMA events. Challengers must raise money for the charity during the training period via our Just Giving page. We also ask that fighters get their friends, colleagues and family to come and support by selling 20 tickets to the event which pays towards the cost of the venues, coaches, and running a Mixed Martial Arts event.

Be a fighter with our White-Collar MMA, sign up here.

Click here to donate to our Justgiving page.

There are 3 types of tickets available;

1. VIP Tickets: £50 per ticket, £450 for a table of 10. Each ticket comprises of a 3 Course Meal and a Complimentary Drink on the house.

2. Seated Tickets: £30 only.

3. Standing Tickets: £25 only.

All 3 types of tickets for the day are available on Eventbrite.

You can purchase your ticket by clicking here .

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